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Wealth Access

First Security Wealth Access provides a complete snapshot of your personal net worth. With a comprehensive overview of all your assets and liabilities, you can easily view and share information with your First Security Wealth Advisor to help assess and manage your financial goals.

  • Track real-time progress towards financial goals
  • Easy collaboration with your trusted First Security Advisors
  • Save time preparing financial statements for meetings
  • Enjoy state-of-the-art security that protects your information

First Security Wealth Access is a great combination of technology and service that enables you and your Advisor the ability to help you meet your financial goals. The Wealth Access Intelligent Aggregation links to over 20,000 different institutions through multi-tiered data sources, providing a complete data aggregation engine with the power to bring in all of your assets and liabilities into one secure platform offering a clear and simple view of your personal balance sheet on your mobile device.

Wealth Access’ permissions based technology makes it easy to share info with advisors. By working with your advisor you can ensure that you’re always tracking your financial goals. Have real time conversations with your advisor to manage your financial life.


Key First Security Bank Wealth Access Features:

  • View entire portfolio in real time
  • Simplified reporting and access
  • Accessible from anywhere

Your First Security Bank Wealth Management Advisor will assist in aggregation set-up and onboarding to the platform. Expect your wealth views to be fully integrated with the industry's leading financial planning systems offering you the ability to store financial documents in a secure, digital vault shareable with Bankers, Accountants, Lawyers and Family Members.

Please contact your First Security Wealth Advisor for information on setting up Wealth Access.

Please note that First Security Bank Wealth Access currently connects to US and international financial institutions. All reporting will be reported in local currencies.