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You can pay anyone, anytime - safely and efficiently. Make electronic payments to vendors, schedule cash disbursements and even pay individuals via direct deposit.

Eliminate paper check costs and problems
Let First Security’s Cash Management Service show you how to use our flexible desktop internet ACH service to initiate, verify, reverse, and delete transactions from our secure internet connection.

Cut expenses and reduce fraud risk
Simplify the way you transfer secure vendor payments, employee compensation, federal and state tax payments, and other transactions into recipients’ accounts

Choose Flexibility and Control
With electronic processing the funds move faster, the risk of errors and fraud drops, and you can maintain optimal cash control with fewer resources. Let us show you how to convert your paper based transactions to:

  • Decrease processing costs
  • Improve employee satisfaction by offering direct deposit of payroll
  • Reduce exposure to check fraud by eliminating paper checks
  • Leverage excess balances with account analysis
  • 2FA (two factor authentication) security token authentication required for online access

If you would like more information, please contact us. You can contact us via e-mail or use this website to find the First Security Bank nearest you.